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"We bring the restaurant to your home. Why go out to eat when you can experience the luxury and elegance of hiring your own Private Chef?"
― Chef Micah

Division Three, Senior Level Private Chef

Central Virginia

Born out of our love for upscale dining, fine wines and good music, The 2020 Experience has raised the bar for personal chefs, caterers and restaurants across the country. The 2020 Experience specializes in five-star luxury in-home dining services and commercial kitchen management in Central Virginia and beyond.

With over 15 years of experience, we are dedicated to delivering high quality service. Our  professional, highly-skilled private chefs arrive with  fresh ingredients as they skillfully prepare and artfully plate a truly unforgettable experience!

Whether you are  planning an intimate wedding reception, celebrating your birthday,  opening a new restaurant,  hosting a business meeting or an intimate dinner arrangement choose The 2020 Experience to provide exceptional food and service!

The 2020 Experience is an innovative private chef concierge service that provides personal and private chef services, restaurant development and kitchen management.

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